50 Keto Recipes for Foodies


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50 Keto Recipes for Foodies is a collection of delicious, original, decadent recipes to support you on your ketogenic journey.

Sweet and savory, there is something here for everyone!

These meals are all quick and easy to make, and simply delicious!

The cookbook is available in PDF format and designed for you to print off or use on your device. We have done this to keep the price super affordable!


Only the best for you

Put together by 11 certified Ketogenic Living coaches, this cookbook really is the best of the best of the best.

All of the recipes are tried and true and are quick and easy enough for you to whip up fast.

We focus on easy to get ingredients, most of which you will already have in your cupboard.

This book is for YOU and dedicated to YOU as you restore your body, mind and spirit back to health, and shine your light and gifts in this world.

We are here cheering you on!

This is the difference that 5 months on keto did for me.

My weightloss journey has paused for now, as I have miraculously gotten pregnant!!

But I continue to live la vida keto, and the weight loss will continue after my small one is here in 2019.

Keto has cured my hormone imbalance, pulled my back from the brink of diabetes and given me my energy and love of life back.

50 Keto Recipes for Foodies
This eCookbook has been put together by 11 world renowned Ketogenic Living coaches. With 50 delicious original recipes, this is a must have!
Price: $9.99

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The past few years, the ketogenic diet has been all over social and mainstream media, and quite frankly the health testimonials and transformations are hard to ignore.

We have witnessed ordinary patients achieving extraordinary results, reversing type 2 diabetes, obesity, cancer, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, kidney stones, gout, autoimmune disease, as well as managing Alzheimer’s disease, neurodegenerative conditions, and epilepsy to name a few.

So what exactly is the ketogenic diet (aka KETO) anyway?

We view KETO as a lifestyle versus a diet and believe setting you up for success is essential to reaching your health goals, whether it be weight loss or reversing disease and getting off medication.

Regardless of your savory or sweet food preference, there is something for everyone.

Short on time? No problem! We have quick, tasty recipes that fit into your busy lifestyle without breaking the bank.

Ingredients are available at most grocery stores in a multitude of cost-efficient brands.

So sit back, preferably with a KETO coffee and let’s get started!