Drop unwanted body weight, and gain the health you deserve

with our

6 Week Simply Ketogenic Life Bootcamp

Next one starts 14th January 2019!

Learn how to BOOST your ENERGY while BURNING FAT for FUEL

Put chronic disease and inflammation in its place and discover health like you never knew was possible!


No more HUNGER

Rapidly boost your ENERGY

Watch that weight DROP

Simply Ketogenic Life Bootcamp Comes with EVERYTHING you need, and more!

 Simple to follow Meal Plans
 6 weeks free access to Earth Larder‘s Keto meal planner
 The Science Behind the Ketogenic Diet
 Keto Recipes
 Nutrient Guidance
 Support through Personal Challenges
 Measurement Tracking
 Social support from peers
 Continuous Resources
 Daily Motivation
 Shared Videos and Articles
2 week Carb Cleanse Plan
‘How To’ Guides
Daily contact with guidance
Macro and Calories Calculator
 Private Facebook Group Support
Keto Essentials Checklist
Keto Meal Plans
Grocery Shopping List
Facebook Live with your Coach
Weekly Weigh In with  DAILY Tracking and Tweaking
Keto Cookbooks

What People are Saying

I actually can’t believe how good I feel today! I haven’t had enough sleep all week and I’m super stressed with assignments that need done. But I am calm and feel awesome! Usually I get sick around assignment time and feel horrible. My anxiety hasn’t bothered me as much over the last few weeks either ♥️ thanks for your help to regain myself xx Kelly

I am 20lb down and feel amazing. I haven’t had this much energy since I was in my 20’s.

And even more impressive, I am off some of my medications already!

Thank you so much for introducing me to keto. Sharon

The Benefits of the Simply Ketogenic Life Bootcamp

Rapid but Healthy FAT loss:

If you are going to lose weight, this is the way to do it! Keep your basal metabolism up, and your hunger levels low. You are training your body to burn your own fat at fuel, and once you are adapted, you can do this long term!

Lower Inflammation:

Consuming a low carb diet has been shown to reduce inflammation levels significantly. This in turn lowers the risk of heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and even some cancers.

Maintain or Build Lean Muscle:

Starving yourself by yo-yo dieting eats away at your muscle stores, the keto diet will maintain your lean muscle mass, or even help you grow it!

No More Brain Fog:

Once your body is keto adapted and used to running on fat for fuel, your brain fog and exhaustion will simply go away.

No More Food Addictions:

Train your body to crave healthy fats and watch the sugar cravings disappear. It sounds crazy, but it really does work.

Bootcamp Transformation


“I lost 11.3kg (25lb) over the bootcamp. I feel absolutely amazing. I am going to stick with this keto thing for the long term”

– Kelly

When I enrolled I thought it would be weird to be in a group, but as soon joined the group I felt so united and strengthened by other members. Group coaching is the best!

– Beth

How the program works

You can enroll anytime you like. You will be immediately sent a link to join the Facebook Group, receive log in credentials for the website, and will receive your start up guide, shopping list, and meal plans.

We will spend the first week on prepping and then will begin the Bootcamp. We start with a 2 week Carb Cleanse, then move onto the ketogenic diet.

The training curriculum lasts around 6 weeks. Some stay longer to use the resources and support.

Customizable Meal Plans

As a BONUS you get 6 weeks access to EarthLarder.com’s Keto Meal Planner, where you can customize your plans.

Private Facebook Group Coaching

Check in daily with screen shots of your macros, daily motivation, ideas and support

Daily Emails

This course content is amazing! We will email you daily to keep you on track and work you through the course in bite sized snippets.

PLUS you get all the meal plans, quick start guide and workbook VALUED AT $299 – BUT we have a special deal for you!! 

The Ketogenic Diet Can Help Reduce These Issues:

Joint Pain



Sugar Cravings

Hormone Imbalance

Poor Sleep


High Blood Glucose

If you have been in the dieting market for a while now you have probably…

  • Tried reducing your calories which just resulted in increased cortisol levels and glucose metabolism issues, and the weight just crept back on
  • Added more fruits and veggies which led to the conversion of fruit sugar (fructose) to more weight
  • Tried following complicated programs which just ended up in frustration, increased stress and HUNGER

It doesn’t have to be this way! There is a scientifically PROVEN way to lose weight and keep it OFF, while maintaining or improving metabolic health. WITHOUT BEING HUNGRY!

Get Answers to Your Keto Questions

What are the basics of ketogenic living?

What the heck is ketosis?

How do I get my body to produce ketones?

What are macros?

What tools do I need to live a keto lifestyle?

What food can I eat on keto?

Will I have to give up carbs forever?

How do I get through the “keto flu” without quitting?

Simply Ketogenic Life Bootcamp shows you how to…

Breakthrough weight loss plateaus
Get started with easy ketogenic living 101 basics
Enhance the benefits of ketosis
Biohack your body to prevent and fight chronic pain and life-threatening disease
Implement a complete lifestyle change
Calculate your macronutrients and track your daily intake
Simplify, plan and prep your weekly meals
Educate and empower you to transform this “diet” into a lifestyle

In just six weeks you will break old bad habits, feel a surge of sustainable energy, lose weight, and feel better than you have ever felt while eating the most delicious, whole-food meals that have ever touched your taste buds.

Your 6-Week Simply Ketogenic Life Journey Starts Here

Week 0: Prep Week
Week 1: Getting into Ketosis
Week 2: Understanding Your Body & Food Labels
Week 3: Intuitive Eating
Week 4: Eating for Your Hormones & An Intro to Intermittent Fasting
Week 5: The Keto Cure
Week 6: Maintaining Your New Ketogenic Lifestyle

Here is a quick recap of what you will receive … 

2019 SPECIAL for only just


6 Week Introductory Program


Ongoing Support


Easy, Quick + Delicious Recipes

Start achieving the results that you deserve, TODAY.

You deserve to feel the best you can. Stop struggling alone, let us show you the way and support you on your journey.

Thank you for reading, I look forward to meeting you on the Simply Ketogenic Life Bootcamp!

Talk soon,


*Results may vary from person to person